Automatic and contactless identification.

Contactless identification

RFID for industrial applications

RFID is used for automatic and contactless identification. The tags used are very robust and insensitive to scratching, damage and dust.

Also later replaying is possible without any problems.

Thanks to their small size, they can be used almost anywhere.

From small to series

We have experience with a wide variety of extensions for the rugged mobile devices. In-house additive manufacturing enables the development of prototypes as well as the implementation for small series. Of course, but also gladly in large numbers.
Felix Hein, Development team Leader

step by step

Our developers implement the clean adaptation to the design of the robust devices. The connection can be made via a USB connection integrated in the housing. We pay special attention to ensuring tightness and pleasant operation.

In the course of quality assurance, resistance to chemicals it is also ensured so that the material can be treated with disinfectants without being damaged.

From the practice

A long-standing customer uses RFID tags for leak test stands for gloves. A tag attached to the device enables the serial number to be read out securely and quickly. Different attachments are also recognized by means of RFID tag.

The project development for this specific customer resulted in an extension that is now also available as a product for a variety of possible applications.

We will be very happy to advise you!

Jens Rhein / PWA Electronic

Jens Rhein

p.p. Head of Sales

Felix Hein-Keck / PWA Electronic

Felix Hein-Keck

Development Team Leader