Mobile office solutions for
Security guards, maintenance crews,
Military and government operations
or transport companies.

HAVIS forklift holder


Havis manufactures mobile office solutions for members of public safety, maintenance crews, utilities, public works, military and government, transportation companies and mobile professions.


Havis defines the mobile workspace by offering a complete line of laptop and tablet docks, vehicle consoles, heavy-duty mounts, computer docking stations and other products.

Space-saving assembly

Increased efficiency and safety at the workplace through simple and space-saving installation of your device. The safe installation in the user area also allows easy operation with gloves.
Jens Rhein, p.p. Head of Sales
HAVIS Bracket


Maximize the productivity of your mobile workspace with these lightweight and strong designs built for anti-theft, durability and stability.


Havis docking stations for are the ideal solution for your computer needs. The docking stations provide battery charging, security and connection to peripherals from medical, operational and in-vehicle workstations. The docking station with connection to the on-board voltage (e.g. via a cigarette lighter) can be used to charge your device without any problems.

Panasonic Power Supply
HAVIS Antennenanschlüsse


With a range of connectors and optional antenna pass-through, the vehicle mount can optionally support the device in using LTE, GPS and/or WLAN, even in remote areas.

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Jens Rhein / PWA Electronic

Jens Rhein

p.p. Head of Sales

Sascha Pfannmüller / PWA Electronic

Sascha Pfannmüller

p.p. Head of strategy